Call for Papers (Beiträge auf Englisch): „China beyond China: Infrastructuring and Ecologizing a New Global Hegemony?“ Guest Editors: Fabricio Rodríguez (Friedrich Schiller University, Jena) and David Tyfield (Lancaster University)

Deadline for manuscript proposal: 15 October 2020
Deadline for final manuscript: 29 January 2021

This Special Issue invites contributions that explore case studies of Chinese projects in the fields of environmental policy, energy transition, infrastructure, digital innovation, circular economy, and/or bioeconomy. We welcome articles that do not claim to present a definitive normative judgement regarding the rise of China (or specific case studies thereof). Instead, we welcome theoretically informed and empirically driven research that presents a differentiated understanding of the complex dynamics at play, and to hold open which China (or which Chinas, in the plural) may yet emerge and perhaps merge into a new phenomenon of global hegemony.

Research on the following subjects is thus invited:

  • The (digital) Belt & Road Initiative(s) as a transnational sphere of influence and contestations thereof in terms of democracy and authoritarianism
  • Cross-sectoral projects involving agriculture, digitalization, and infrastructure as well as their implications for food sovereignty and sustainable farming practices
  • Climate politics and/or sustainable innovations outside China, particularly in the context of power/knowledge configurations and low-carbon transitions
  • Promotion and implementation of Chinese policy narratives such as the Green Belt & Road, Ecological Civilisation, the Health Silk Road, etc.
  • Transitional pathways and the political economy of bio-based production, bio-tech innovation, and circular economies in Chinese-funded projects
  • Multi-scalar dynamics and implications of Chinese overseas investments in renewable energy and their potentially conflicting meanings in terms of global power relations

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