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Project Director 

Prof. Dr. Maria Backhouse (Jun.-Prof. Dr.)             Phone: 03641 945059        
Project Module 6 / Knowledge and Technology Development

Project Coordination

Dr. Anne Tittor Phone: 03641 945053
Project Module 5 / Democracy and Participation

Financial Management

Fabricio Rodríguez Phone: 03641 945048
Project Module 7 / Trade and investment    

Project Assistance

Jessica Morgenroth Phone: 03641 945056


Kristina Lorenzen Phone: 03641 945050
Project Module 2 / Case Study: Brazil

Janina Puder Phone: 03641 945049
Project Module 4 / Case Study: Indonesia/Malaysia

Dr. Rosa Lehmann  Phone: 03641 945048
Project Module 3a / Case Study: Germany

Malte Lühmann   
Project Module 3b / EU as space of entanglements


Research Assistants

Laura Mohacsi  
Max Schneider  
Ronja Wacker  
Louise Wagner  

Former Project Assistance

Ilka Scheibe  
Katja Kühn  
Former Research Assistants    
Janis Wicke  
Julia Längerer  
Richard Brand  
Rebecca Mieke  
Philip Koch