word cloud with key concepts of the project

Bioeconomy and Social Inequalities

Junior Research Group funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) ​
word cloud with key concepts of the project
Illustration: Anne Tittor, Laura Mohacsi

Transnational Entanglements and Interdependencies in the Bioenergy Sector

The junior research group “Bioeconomy and Inequalities” is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and based at the Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena in Germany. The group aims to provide analyses of the social inequalities connected to the expanding bioenergy sector – a core field of the emerging bioeconomy.

Taking into account emergent changes in labour relations, knowledge production and technology, as well as political decision-making and commercial structures in the transnational bioenergy sector, the project focuses on a number of case studies. It includes case studies that look at developments in countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia and Germany and are linked with an analysis of the entanglements and interdependences between South America, South-East Asia and Western Europe. Key dimensions of social inequality such as gender, class, and ethnicity are systematically integrated into the research perspective.


Project Director: Asst. Prof. Dr. Maria Backhouse

Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the framework of the funding programme "Bioeconomy as Societal Change 4+1".


Online now: video recordings of the event „​Wird der Landraub digital? // Grilagem digital?“​​

Wird der Landraub digital? Das Umweltkataster CAR in Amazonien: Hoffnungen und Kontroversen
Videoaufnahme der Veranstaltung vom 13.04.2021
Grilagem Digital? O cadastro ambiental rural CAR na Amazônia: esperanças e controversas
Gravação do evento em vídeo a partir de 13.04.2021


16 Dec 2021
18:00 · Lecture / Presentation
Netto-Null Emissionen und Kompensation von Klimagasen durch Waldschutz: Warum gefährden solche internationalen Initiativen Wald und Klima?
public online-event by Maria Backhouse with Jutta Kill (biologist and author)
8 Jul 2021
12:00 · Lecture / Presentation
Der World-Ecology Ansatz zwischen Strukturdeterminismus und innovativer Forschungsagenda. Die deutschsprachige Rezeption und neue Perspektiven auf das globale Ernährungssystem.
Presentation by Axel Anlauf (in German)
29 Jun 2021
18:00 · Closing event series
Bioeconomy and Global Inequalities. Socio-Ecological Perspectives on Biomass Sourcing and Production
Book Launch

Latest News

22 Oct 2021
“Biotechnology, Decarbonization, and Agrarian Extractivism. Transitional Pathways in Latin America and their Shifting Entanglements with China and Europe”
Public Lecture (online) by Fabricio Rodríguez
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14 Oct 2021
Lecture / event
Global Glyphosate: New Challenges in Regulating Pervasive Chemicals in the Anthropocene
Workshop participation by Anne Tittor
Learn more
6 Oct 2021
New Publication
“Der Protektionismus der Großen hält an. Dezentrale und demokratische Ansätze der Energiewende”
Article (in German) by Rosa Lehmann and Maria Backhouse
Learn more
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